Dell XPS M1710 Reviews

Over the previous model of  Dell, i.e. the XPS M170, this model of the Dell is the latest gaming notebook that Dell has launched in order to give a tough competition to the other contemporaries in the market. Dell is always been known for its wide selection of color and beautifully designed cover of the lap tops. Thus, after the Dell Studio, the Dell launched the new  XPS M1710 notebooks to replace all the next set of notebooks circulating in the market. This new laptop computer of Dell comes in two colors “formula red” or “metallic black” and these two colors spread the best possible view with its 17 inches LCD monitor.

Powerful System Specs

It is not only the design and sleek finish of the M1710 notebook that generally attracts customers, it is the specifications and rich embellishments that the users are lured by and find hard to move way from making a deal. The   Dell XPS M1710 comes with a 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo processor. This validates the great speed of the notebook. In addition to this, the Dell XPS M1710 also is decked with a RAM of capacity up to 4 GB.

A Gamers Laptop

Another important feature that acts as a “wow !”on top of these features in Dell XPS M1710 gaming laptop is the latest nVidia Go 7900 GTX graphics card. This card itself was an additional attraction and to add to the joy of the user this card comes with a memory of a whooping 512MB. Thus, if you are a serious gamer nothing should stop you from tying out this notebook. Not only gamers but people who are required to keep connected on the internet for business and other activities, you will have to stay tuned to this notebook as the extensive features of the Dell XPS M1710 provides you the fastest functions that you would have ever experienced in any of the notebooks.

Good Screen Display

The Dell notebooks also weights comparatively lesser than your expectations, ranging around 8.8 lbs; however, this weight increases to 10 lbs when weighed together with the power adapter. In addition,  the  Dell TrueLife (glossy screen) treatment to the screen of the notebook also acts as another charm of working with the Dell in public.

Drawbacks of Dell XPS M170 laptop

The problem of good sound quality has been associated with the Dell laptops since long.  Although the notebook has managed to provide an inbuilt sub woofer system that manages to give a decent sound effect, it is not up to the expectation and satisfaction of most of the users. The bass of the speakers is okay but not very good to lure the music and game loving audience as along with the fun, good sound quality adds to the ambience of gaming.

What makes it a hot notebook !

All the features that the Dell XPS M1710 boosts of, one of the most important additions is its quiet cooling system. This is made up such that the two heat-producing components  are placed on opposite sides of the notebook. This reduces the heat affect on your laps after you work for some time. Thus, you can work on your Dell XPS M1710 for a longer time without changing the surface as compared to other systems. This system thus along with the other regular features is the best deal at the price and service given.